SJU Blue Santa!


SJU Crewmembers were all decked out to show their holiday spirit this year. Crewmember Emmanuel Rodriguez dressed up as Blue Santa and spent the day in the airport listening to children’s holiday gift wishes. Blue Santa and his helpers then traveled all over the airport caroling, or gave “Parrandas,” as it is commonly referred to in Puerto Rico. Blue Santa and crew helped receive flights at the jetways and sang to Customers as they deplaned.

A picture was taken of each child as he or she sat on Blue Santa’s lap and images with a note from Santa will be emailed to the respective parents.

Special thanks to SJU AO Leads, Charles Figueroa, who helped to coordinate much of the event, and to Emmanuel Rodriguez, who heads the Fun Committee in SJU.

See below for some colorful images that recapture the excitement and celebration that took place that very special day in SJU.