Showing Off Our Artistic Side at The Museum of Modern Art


It’s official, we’ve arrived at a new destination – The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Our JetBlue kiosk is currently a part of a popular exhibition called “Talk To Me,” a communication design presentation that focuses on the idea that everything that’s both tangible and intangible, speaks to us through different platforms. In a nutshell: the exhibit explores how people and things communicate with each other. The exhibit features six categories (objects, bodies, life, city, worlds and double entendre) and our JetBlue kiosk is one of the approximately 200 featured items; we are in the ‘objects’ category. Other featured items include computer and machine interfaces, video games, installations, tools and more.

The designers who created our kiosk presentation named it: Joe and Elizabeth fly to Long Beach. It shows a silhouette of a hand as someone begins the check-in process at the airport. It walks us through the steps we all know and love – entering your confirmation number; confirming your itinerary; entering the number of bags you are traveling with, etc., until check-in is complete.

To learn more about the exhibit, please visit: