Safety First With Hurricane Sandy


Flooding at the NY airports

Hurricane Sandy will soon touch down in the States with the potential to impact millions of people across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. We’ve pulled down all operations in the region today and tomorrow in concert with airport closures and the suspension of public transportation in the big cities including New York and Boston. We will closely monitor the impact to airports, such as flooding on the runway, and the impact to public transportation – these two areas have to be fully functional before we get our operations back on line.  We will be ready to start operations as soon as Wednesday morning if the airports and public transportation are open, but we expect it will take much longer to get back to business as usual.  We thank you for your patience in advance!

For all those in the area, please make the safety of you and your loved ones your number one priority. Heed the advice of your elected officials to best prepare and stay tuned to the National Weather Service and the American Red Cross.

Our planes waiting out the storm in the sunshine of San Juan

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Watch our Chief Operating Officer Rob on Good Morning America talking about the impact of Sandy on air travel: