Running The Boston Marathon


Well, we didn’t actually run the Boston Marathon, though some of our crewmembers did, and we were a sponsor and on site from start to finish.

The 116th Boston Marathon took place on April 13, Patriot’s Day. It was a hot day with the temperature reaching 89 degrees by the time the race ended, just shy of the all-time record high. In 1905, the mercury reached 100 degrees for the Boston Marathon (think: pre-air conditioners)!

This year, the Boston Athletic Association took on the heat by giving participants the option to defer their entry to 2013, and setting up extra liquid stations for those who braved the high temperatures. Needless to say, after navigating the 26.2 mile course that took our crewmembers and the thousands of other runners up and down Boston suburbs (including the infamous Heartbreak Hill), the finish line was a welcome sight.