Readers Tell Airlines How to Improve


In an interesting article on, Associate Editor, Sarah Pascarella, asks readers to write in and share their personal thoughts on what airlines can do to improve both product and service for the Customer. From a request for  increased transparency regarding delays to a suggestion about rolling the cost of checked baggage into the ticket price rather than charge additionally, readers had some great ideas about what would make their flying experience more enjoyable.

One very smart traveler on reported that:

The major U.S. airlines can increase passengers, passenger comfort, and their income by following the examples of Southwest, JetBlue, and Virgin America. Checked bags free, ample free in-flight snacks, pleasant and helpful flight attendants and ticket counter staff, easy ticket exchanges.

We pride ourselves not only on our outstanding service to our Customers but also to our willingness to listen to ideas about how we might further improve the Customer experience.