Print artifacts from our first decade


Our visual representation is a key component in our brand awareness. Our first ten years have introduced a variety of looks, but we’ve always remained true to the central message that is distinctly JetBlue.

Below you will find a sprinkling of printed promotional and related materials from the first decade. These artifacts offer unique time stamps of where we were at varying points in our company history and create a rich framework for how we’ve arrived at today.

We set the tone early on that we were a contemporary and jazzy brand. This is an invite to a party celebrating our 2001 launch of Long Beach, California service, featuring a detail from one of many BlueCity posters designed by artist John Wilkinson.

Washington D.C. has long been a connecting point both south and west, as seen on this promo card advertising routes from Washington, D.C. to Oakland and Long Beach starting May 1, 2002.
The playful, folding promotional item from 2002 seen below depicted the JetBlue Experience in six simple pictures.
Our officers have been touring the BlueCities since the very beginning. Below is a "backstage pass" to an end-of-summer tour to JFK, FLL, LGB and SSC in 2003.
As we search for a new home for our headquarters, many Crewmembers can tell you that is isn't our first office move. Following the Park Ave. days, our home was an office across the street from the current FSC. These cards were created to notify Business Partners and others of the move.
The route map seen here was impressive for its time, having recently added service to Nassau, our third international destination in November 2004. Today, a glance at our map, which spans the Americas, shows how far we've come.