Pam Ann touches down in NYC in just two weeks!


Friend-of-JetBlue and air hostess extraordinaire Pam Ann is landing in New York in early June with a string of shows at Joe’s Pub sure to set audiences afire. 

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The outrageously funny Australian talent — who last year served as head purser of our JetPride flight — will be taking off nightly from June 2-4 with a raucuous new production. She’s fresh off a European tour (sponsored in part by our friends at Lufthansa), and full of fresh material all the airlines have served up this spring (we won’t name names; she will.).

Pam Ann

With Pam Ann, no airline comes out unscathed. Some of her favorite fodder includes “JetBlue Global Alliance” carriers like Emirates, Lufthansa, and Virgin Atlantic (OK, so we’re not in a real alliance, but the name sounds very impressive, doesn’t it?).

As for our little airline, Pam Ann explains, “When I am not flying my own airline, PAM ANN AIRLINES, I choose to fly my favorite JFK-based airline JETBLUE — we are FAMILY! When something goes wrong on Pam Ann Airlines (like when I lose my mind, or my PopCorners), JetBlue always comes to my rescue with their over-qualified crew (some of whom, by the way, flew for TWA). I know I am in good hands on JetBlue. When you board, the crew greet you with a smile and say ‘Welcome aboard,’ and THEY MEAN IT! I am still learning that! LOVE you JETBLUE!”

Tickets for her New York City layover can be had at!

And while you’re at it, head to the Apple’s App Store to download Pam Ann’s travel guide app to New York City, which is chock full of tips and tricks for navigating our hometown.

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