Pam Ann goes on tour – and you're invited


Pam Ann

Pan Am, that most famous of global aviation icons, may have disappeared in 1991, but a throwback to the golden era of airline glamour and glory lives on in the performances of Pam Ann, the wildest and most famous takeoff on the life of the “air hostess” the world has ever seen.

Pam Ann, the character portrayed by Australian comedienne Caroline Reid, has made her mark on airline aficionados – and just about anyone who likes a good laugh – by celebrating and parodying airline staff and the air travel experience through her over-the-top live shows and online videos.

Admittedly, Pam’s not for the feint of heart – her shows often include adult language and situations, and she herself warns that she’s not suitable for minors – but her sharp tongue and her ability to perfectly caricature the quirks of the world’s airlines is unparalleled. No one comes out unscathed in Pam’s performances – from fellow U.S. airlines to our own friends at Lufthansa – and that is perhaps what makes her universally popular, despite her unabashed adult tones.

With our airline’s classic look, and our emphasis on bringing the best of the air travel heyday back into today’s experience, we’ve always had a soft spot in our hearts here at JetBlue for Pam Ann.

Pam’s one hot ticket, and this October, she’s going on tour in North America. She’ll be “laying over” in BlueCities including Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami (OK, OK, FLL – it’s close enough!), New York, San Francisco and Washington throughout the month. Check out her schedule of performances here.

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