Our Own Dave Featured in The New York Times


Our CEO Dave Barger was featured in The New York Times in the Business Section this past Sunday. In the Corner Office Column, Adam Bryant spoke with Dave about the first time he was someone’s boss, his leadership philosophy and what he looks for during the hiring process.

“I think the best leaders are teachers and they’re truly taking the time to explain a balance sheet or a fuel hedging policy or other things. You’re teaching. You’re not just doing and communicating what you’re doing — you’re teaching people why you’re doing it. And I really believe in giving people the opportunity to have access. There’s got to be other people within JetBlue who can run this company who are not just my direct reports. They’re in the organization and they’ve got great careers ahead of them. I also believe in leading from the back of the room, and watching people in the company who are stepping up to teach others.”

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