Operational Update FAQs


As we continue to address ongoing operational disruptions (more information on the current operation here), we wanted to address a few frequently asked questions we’re hearing from our customers.

NOTE: If “Manage My Flight” is unresponsive, please try again later or call us at 800-JETBLUE.  Call volume is high and wait times are long.  We thank you for your patience.

My flight got cancelled, what do I do?

Don’t go to the airport! Our teams are working to rebook you on the next available JetBlue flight. If you booked through jetblue.com, we likely have your contact information, and will contact you with your new flight details. You can also rebook or request a refund by managing your flight at Manage My Flight. If you booked via a third party site, we may not have your contact details. Please call at 1-800-JETBLUE to give us your information, or work with your point of sale site. Hold times are high at the moment – we ask for your patience.

I’m scheduled on the flight tomorrow out of the New York metro, or Boston area, will the cancellations affect my flight? Should I rebook now?

Customers on cancelled flights for January 7 should have received notification.  Should the forecast change, or airport conditions worsen, further delays and cancellations are possible. We have a fee waiver in place for those customers wishing the change or cancel their flight.

My flight was rebooked, but the time/date doesn’t work for me. Can I get a better flight?

We automatically rebook customers on the next available JetBlue flight. Other seats are limited, and may not be available for several days. You can cancel your reservation and get a refund, or rebook within the waiver period.

Why can’t you just get us an extra plane?

We unfortunately don’t have enough spare aircraft or crews to immediately rebook all the customers displaced over the multi-day disruption of operations. We are running some extra flights to relieve certain destinations.

Can you put me on another carrier’s flight?

Like JetBlue, many carriers are fully booked (and in many cases overbooked). We will work with customers on a case-by-case basis to find a workable solution.

I just want a refund, what do I do?

You can request a refund via Manage My Flight. If you booked via a third party site, we may not have your contact details – please call us at 800-JETBLUE or work with your booking partner.

Will you reimburse me for out of pocket expenses?

As part of our recovery plan, we will be addressing individual requests for reimbursement on a case-by-case basis. While we cannot guarantee any expense will be covered, you may submit a request at jetblue.com/contact-us.

I’ve been on hold for so long. What are my options?

High call volumes are still occurring as a result of the cancellations. Every available agent is on duty to assist (and we have airport and support center crewmembers calling customers as well), but the call volume and hold times is likely to remain high for the next few days.
If you’re calling to check on flight status, you can do so quickly on jetblue.com.
If you want to rebook or request a refund: Manage My Flight
If you have a question about reimbursement that doesn’t require an immediate answer, please submit your request via jetblue.com/contact-us.

I’m traveling with a large group and we can’t seem to find seats for all of us, what do we do?

We rebook customers on the next available flight. Unfortunately this may require groups to split up or wait for a flight with enough available seats for the entire group. One of our agents will be able to address specific options and work to make sure our younger customers aren’t flying without an adult.

Will we be receiving compensation for this travel disruption? 

While weather disruptions are beyond the control of JetBlue and therefore not covered by our Customer Bill of Rights, not all of the disruptions experienced are purely weather-related. We will be contacting customers who have been impacted and offering compensation, in the hopes that you give JetBlue another opportunity to earn your loyalty. Customers with specific questions on compensation or those customers who booked via a third party site may contact us via jetblue.com/contact-us.