Today Is Opening Day At JetBlue Park!


Opening Day at JetBlue Park is today! The new Spring Training home for the Red Sox opens its doors to welcome the Boston’s baseball boys and plenty of excited fans.

From our new livery, to today’s ribon-cutting ceremony at JetBlue Park, we’re all about the Red Sox lately!


While the interior of JetBlue Park is inspired by Fenway, the exterior design takes cues from its Southwest Florida surroundings. One of the park’s most striking architectural features is its waving canopy with tilted columns , which will provide shade to the majority of the seating space. Its design reflects the Cypress tree domes that surround the site.

The façade’s light color scheme was intended to enhance the deep shadows cast by the bright Florida sun. Crushed  Florida sea shells from Sanibel beaches will embed parts of the wall, that was partly built from locally manufactured masonry blocks.

Check out some of the highlights of JetBlue Park