One man's quest to make others dreams (and then his own) come true


Stephen had a dream ever since he was a small child to be a guest on Oprah. Now with the show in its 25th, and last, season, and he now a filmmaker at 25 years of age, he feels it’s time to try to make that dream happen. Only, he’s agreed to try to make dreams come true for others on his way. Stephen purchased an All You Can Jet Pass and took to the skies on Tuesday, where he plans to travel for 30 days on a quest he calls, “Let Dreams Fly” where he will help a stranger at each city that he visits. His last stop will be Chicago, where he’s hoping to get a chance to be a guest on Oprah. See below for a link to his video introduction and follow Stephen on his journey to realize his dreams!

Let Dreams Fly – Introduction Video from Stephen Strosin on Vimeo.