Love is in the air


When Crewmember JFK Inflight Supervisor – Crewmember Experience Patricia Tomaszewski learned a Customer planned on proposing to his girlfriend on a flight to St. Maarten, she knew she had to make sure the flight was special for everyone involved.

She recently shared her story with us:

Customers toast the newly engaged couple
Customers toast the newly engaged couple

The very romantic JFK-SXM flight will remain in the hearts and minds of all 148 Customers and eight Crewmembers! The two very special Customers on board were Jay and his girlfriend Jill. They are both from Rhode Island and have been seeing each other for almost two years. They have been working hard to save money and establish careers in pharmacy and finance. Jay and Jill saved enough to take their first flight and vacation together on JetBlue Airways! SXM was their destination — Jay’s family has a home on the neighboring island of Anguilla, which is just a 20 minute ferry ride away.

Jay was thinking of a unique and exciting way to ask Jill to marry him. Through family, they are acquainted with a pilot from JetBlue, who gave Jay the phone number to Corporate Communications. Jay inquired if it would be possible to ask the woman of his dreams to marry him on their first JetBlue Airways flight together. Jay is a courageous young man who, on bended knee, asked Jill to marry him with 146 JetBlue Airways Customers as witnesses.

Jay proposes to Jill
Jay proposes to Jill

There was not a dry eye on board and everyone celebrated together with the future bride and groom with champagne and chocolate kisses. Jay was even so thoughtful as to bring a video camera to tape the event!

The couple received a JetBlue Airways bag filled with goodies necessary for a celebration fit for a JetBlue king and queen! The couple was very grateful for the opportunity to share this lovely and memorable day and by the time we landed in SXM, Jill was recovering from shock! By the way … she said YES!

I would like to thank the entire Flight Crew (Captain Mark Ator and First Officer Gary D’Angelo) and Inflight Crewmembers (Lora Bolivar, Susana Florio and Emily De La Cruz) and a special shout out to our videographer, Judi Hobbs, Inflight Supervisor JFK. These dedicated Crewmembers made a memory in the history of these Customers and I am certain all will be chatting about this for many weeks!

The Crewmembers who pulled it all together
(L to R) Inflight Crewmember Lora Bolivar, Inflight Crewmember Emily De La Cruz, Inflight Supervisor Judi Hobbs and Inflight Crewmember Susana Florio made this a special flight. Lora, Susana and Emily were the Inflight Crew and Judi acted as videographer for the happy couple.
The newly engaged couple show off their JetBlue gear
Jay and Jill show off their JetBlue gear