On the diversity of culture, faith, and opinions


As New York’s Hometown Airline, we’re no strangers to diverse opinions and cultures. After all, New York is THE cultural melting pot of the world, and New Yorkers are world renowned for their ability to share their opinions. We’re also proud to have customers and crewmembers that represent this rich mix of cultural backgrounds. So being a forward thinking airline with the deepest respect for the various cultures and beliefs of our 30 million customers a year, you can imagine our crewmembers’ collective pain when we’re accused of discriminatory practices, as is the subject of much public discussion stemming from this article in the Palm Beach Post.

The story presented by a customer is certainly riveting, and we understand that many who have read it feel entitled to get all the juicy details. However, out of respect for the privacy of our customers – even those who tell stories we don’t necessarily agree with – we will not share additional details for public discourse and will only say that the story presented in media reports in no way reflects the accounts from our crewmembers or customers on board.

We recognize that many observers of the story desire all the details so they can make their own judgments, and for many their opinion will be set regardless of any additional detail shared. We just request those who do feel the need to pass judgment take a moment to reflect on any of their past experiences with JetBlue and our award winning service, and think about the diversity of the 80,000 daily customers we serve before taking every story they see as fact.

JetBlue does not engage in discrimination on any basis. Maintaining the highest standards of safety for all of our customers and crew is our primary concern and JetBlue’s fundamental value. The decision to remove the customer from the flight in this instance was made in support of that value.