NY Giants nicknamed JetBlue on Monday Night Football


Image courtesy of nycmarines on Flickr

Former coach and current announcer on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, John Gruden, nicknamed NY Giants receivers Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manninghan, “JetBlue,” after a good catch in last night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. Gruden often gives names to the players to match the tone of their game, and we just happened to be the recipient of this week’s positive name-calling.

Gruden’s utterance, though, sparked a conversation on Twitter, and we replied to Monday Night Football by saying “We had that name first.” He then read our response on-air, which prompted more chatter on Twitter – we even became a trending topic on the site!

Though we didn’t do anything to encourage the use of our name with the NY Giants (we’re proud to be the Official Airline of the NY Jets and the Buffalo Bills), the mention was fun and we’re flattered that our brand could be likened to a strong play on the field!