Now Leafing Boston: The JetBlue Leaf Crew Wants To Clean Up Your Neighborhood


Like any good neighbor of 14 years, we’ve come to know all of Boston’s perks and quirks. This fall, we’re deploying a one-of-a-kind service called Now Leafing Boston to take care of our fellow Bostonians homes by returning them to an upright and lovely condition in a distinctively JetBlue fashion.

Our JetBlue leaf crew is cleaning up the yards of a few winning Bostonians (and up to 50 of their neighbors!) in the Greater Boston area and removing the pretty – but pesky – fall leaves. Visit from 10/18 – 10/24 to enter for your chance to win.

Have questions about what we’re doing or how to win? See below for some answers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

About Now Leafing Boston:

  • Why are you doing this?
    • This Fall, like any good neighbor of 14 years, JetBlue is mobilizing around several uniquely Boston challenges to help its fellow Bostonians’ in ways only JetBlue can – like cleaning up their yards of pesky fall leaves.
  • Are those real JetBlue crewmembers cleaning leaves?
    • This crew is our Now Leafing crew! They have been helping us clean up all of our neighbors’ yards in the Boston area. They are not JetBlue crewmembers.
  • Is the Now Leafing Crew going to any other cities other Boston?
    • Our Now Leafing crew is committed to preparing Boston for rake off this fall. We’ll make sure to let you know if we decide to appear in any of our other Focus Cities.

About the Neighborhood Cleanup/

  • Does it cost anything for me to have my yard cleaned?
    • Our JetBlue leaf crew will be in touch with those that will be having their yards cleaned. Our Now Leafing service is completely complimentary!
  • How do I enter the sweepstakes?
    • Head on over to to enter your town to see if it is eligible for rake off! From there, click on your town and enter your name and telephone number. If you are a lucky winner we will contact you by phone on 10/25.
  • When does the entry period end?
    • Our sweepstakes will end on Wednesday 10/24 at 6PM EST.
  • If I don’t enter the sweepstakes, can I still win?
    • In order to be entered for a chance to win the sweepstakes you must enter on our site.
  • Do I need to be home to have my yard cleaned?
    • Yes, we ask that all homeowners are home to provide agreement that our Now Leafing crew may use our equipment to clean their yard.
  • What if all the leaves haven’t fallen off the trees in my yard?
    • That’s okay – we’re here to help clean your yard no matter the amount of leaves!
  • What if my neighbors don’t want their yards cleaned?
    • No problem! We always confirm with homeowners before we begin our service.
  • How many of my neighbors can win?
    • Up to 50 of your neighbors have the chance to win our yard cleaning service!
  • How do you define “neighbor”?
    • A neighbor is someone that lives next door to you or on your street!
  • It says my town is excluded, why?
    • Our JetBlue leaf crew is small but mighty. Sorry your town is not on our route map. Stop by the Boston Common on 10/26 to pick up your own Now Leafing Boston leaf bag to pick up your own leaf bag to help clean up your yard.
  • Can I request to have your crew come back a different weekend?  
    • We love to hear you’re excited about our Now Leafing Crew. The team is fully booked this fall and is only available on October 27th-October 28th!
  • Are you going to come to neighborhoods next fall?
    • Now Leafing Boston is currently a 2018 effort. We will let you know if we decide to be in service next fall!
  • Does your crew actually know how to professionally clean my yard?
    • Our Now Leafing crew are experts! These are real landscapers who have professional experience and will make sure to return your lawn to the upright and lovely condition.
  • How did you pick the towns that are eligible?
    • These are the towns that our Now Leafing crew operate in. We apologize if your town was not cleared for rake off! If you’d like to meet us, pop by the Boston Common demonstration on October 26th.

About the Boston Common Activation on 10/26:

  • What are you doing here?
    • JetBlue is Now Leafing Boston! With our Now Leafing campaign, we are helping our fellow Bostonians return their yards in to an upright and lovely position by removing the fallen foliage! Our crews will be out on the Boston Common on October 26th to demonstrate how we use our props to prepare for rake off. If you can’t join us on Boston Common, visit to enter for a chance to win our lawn service for you and up to 50 of your neighbors!
  • Does it cost anything?
    • There is no cost to pop by our activation. There will be complimentary snacks and Dunkin coffee. As well as a leaf bag for those that are interested!
  • Can I drive an air stair/luggage car?
    • We want to keep everyone as safe as possible at our activation and will leave the driving of the air stair and luggage car up to our Now Leafing crew. You can definitely take photos with these items though!
  • Can I use the jet engine leaf blower?
    • We want to keep everyone as safe as possible at our activation and will leave the use of our leaf blower to our JetBlue leaf crew. You can definitely take photos with these items though!
  • Is this jet turbine from a JetBlue plane that should be in service?
    • This jet turbine is actually a leaf blower – just in real size of an actual engine. The “leaf blower” was never and will never be used in service (other than cleaning yards)!
  • Are you giving away any flights so I can actually ‘leaf’ Boston?
    • We will not be giving away any flights during this activation.