Not Quite JetBlue's Flight Plan, But Fun Nonetheless


While we’re all sold out of our $4 or $5 Burbank to Long Beach flights to escape the traffic in Los Angeles this weekend when a 10-mile stretch of the 405 is closed for construction, you can still take advantage of our 40.5% discount off airfare on Getaways vacation packages to Las Vegas, including an additional $40.50 off the total price. Discounted packages for two including airfare and two-night hotel stay starts at just $205! Escape from L.A. altogether by visiting and access the discount by entering the promo code CA405.

While we’re not exactly landing ON the 405, we will be flying OVER it this Saturday. Check out a clever video created by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt about a close call with a jumbo jet landing on the 405 (and the unfortunate dude who happened to be driving on it at the time).