New York vs. New England At JetBlue


Two of our hometown teams are going head to head this Sunday, and only one is going home with the championship! With our big presence in New York and New England (we’re the largest domestic carrier in both New York’s JFK and Boston’s Logan), our crewmembers laid down some creative wagers for the game. Among other things, some crewmembers have wagered pizza and steaks from New York, and clam chowder and lobsters from New England.

JFK and BOS Tech Ops crewmembers have come up with a challenge that they may have to live with for a while if their team doesn’t win. Per their agreement, the winning BlueCity (what we call the cities we serve) gets to hang their team’s banner in the opposing city’s hangar until the 2012 NFL Regular Season begins. Talk about having confidence in their home teams!

What’s more, in the name of the fun value (something we’re serious about at JetBlue) crewleaders from New York and New England’s BlueCities have agreed to a set of arrangements depending on which team wins. Crewleaders representing the team that doesn’t win will:

  • Purchase and wear the victorious team’s jerseys
  • Board an aircraft to either JFK or BOS, greeting all the customers onboard
  • Attend the winning team’s victory parade
  • Pose for fun photos documenting the occasion

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