NEW: Tuesday's Travel Tips, Westchester Airport


Welcome to the NEW Tuesday’s Travel Tips, where we serve up insider tips on navigating our BlueCity network from our own Crewmembers. This week’s tip comes from Corporate Communications Manager Bryan and his tip is about HPN, or Westchester Airport in New York.


Westchester County Airport is the kind of airport we locals don’t want anyone who lives outside the area to know about.  It’s small.  It’s convenient.  And it’s ours.  But if you happen to love a quick in-and-out airport experience, maybe look it up the next time you’re flying JetBlue from the New York metropolitan area.  Just one piece of advice if you’re thinking of parking your car at the airport during the trip: don’t.

The airport is adorable and makes flying a breeze, but parking is limited.  Take a taxi.  Hire a car service.  Have a friend drop you off.  Take a bus from the White Plains Metro North Railroad Station.  Do anything but leave your car there.  Parking is limited, especially during peak travel seasons.  And it’s all about supply and demand, baby.  So with a lack of supply comes a nice little parking premium that’ll burn a hole right through your wallet.

Don’t get me wrong – this is my local airport and I’m dedicated to it through and through.  For great JetBlue flights to Florida, I’m happy to share it with you, too.  Just be smart about using it.  By leaving your car at home.

Bryan left the beaches of sunny San Diego for New York’s bustling metropolis almost eight years ago and hasn’t looked back.  (OK, maybe once or twice.)  He’s been a member of JetBlue’s Corporate Communications Team ever since and is proud to now call Westchester County home.