New TSA travel site


secThe TSA recently launched a new site to aid in the protection of airline travelers.  The site contains  information on everything from consumer reports and how to file complaints to travel tips and links to the FAA site where you can find some safety information.

Perhaps the most important link seems to be missing from a prominent location; the place where people can go to learn about security procedures, concerns, and where they can go report suspicious activity. Though the Aviation Safety and Security is one of the main links on the landing page of the site, the only reference to anything that resembles security advice is a link to New Security Measures on International Flights. Once you are on that next landing page, there is a TSA Contact Center link that takes you to a long list of options where you can write in on a variety of topics using their embedded form, but it could, and perhaps should, be easier to find.

Security information critique aside, the site provides a useful and user-friendly interface for general information about air travel and even tackles more nuanced issues like Religious and Cultural Needs and Traveling With Special Items such as Compressed Gas Cylinders and Parachutes (just in case you were wondering!). Overall, this new interface does make the TSA a couple of notches more accessible, which in an environment of heightened security, is only a good thing.