Meet Phil, Our Maintenance Supervisor in Boston


As we celebrate the opening of our new Hangar 8 at Boston’s Logan, we’d be remiss not to mention the secret ingredient to our growth, our people. It’s our 14,500 crewmembers who work each and every day to ensure that our customers receive the very best in product and service. Meet Phil from our Boston Tech Ops team, and learn all about his role at JetBlue:

1. Name, location, position: Philip Caruso, Boston Tech Ops, Maintenance Supervisor

2. How long have you been with JetBlue? Seven years this January. I was hired as a Technician, promoted to Lead Technician and then promoted to my present job, Tech Ops Maintenance Supervisor.

3. What do you do day-to-day? I start the day with an 8:30 maintenance performance conference call which reviews the challenges and items that could impact the day’s operation, complete some admin duties updating work times and requests, order shop and office supplies as needed.  I’m responsible for coordinating the midnight workload of scheduled and unscheduled work based on manpower, maintenance clearing,  helping to troubleshoot and update challenges throughout our system.

4. What did you do before JetBlue? I started with Western Airlines in June of 1968 in San Francisco, was then hired at Allegheny Airlines in Boston February of 1969, before retiring with 36 years of service from US Airways in January 2005. I was always a Line Technician and held Lead Technician, Inspector and Lead Inspector positions while at US Airways. I also helped US Air introduce the A320 family to the system with a program composed of several techs going around the system teaching the finer points of the aircraft to their peers.

5. What do you like most about your job? I have always loved working on aircraft and the challenge of finding the fix to the problem. JetBlue has given me the opportunity to be a part of something more in the Tech Ops Department as a Tech or Supervisor. I have been able to cross department lines and offer suggestions and fixes to challenges. I was instrumental in having one of our business partners actually change their testing procedures for a thrust reverser component, something I was told never happens. I find that the sky is the limit at JetBlue when it comes doing your job; there are no boundaries. I would never be afforded this opportunity at any other carrier.

6. What challenges do you face? Boston has grown exponentially since I started in 2005 with three gates and 30-plus flights a day. We are now up to 100 flights a day (and growing) with 24 to 35 aircraft that spend the night with us in Boston on any given night. We are almost at the 100 mark of the number of technicians with more coming in 2013. The challenges are training the new crewmembers joining us. I’m comforted by the fact that we have great crewmembers that are willing to step up and help the new techs and a great supervisory staff that have met all of the challenges and work very hard at implementing all the changes as seamlessly as possible. We are ready to take on what comes our way.

7. Why do you think your job is important within the larger picture at JetBlue? With the advent of the new hangar and the E190 health check coming in the third quarter I believe we can build a team that can meet the increased challenges of a growing operation. I believe we have the passion in Boston to continue to run a successful operation even as we grow.

8. Are you excited about our growth in Boston? I am excited for the Boston growth, and I believe with JetBlue’s investment in Boston we are here for the long haul. I have seen many changes in the industry over the past 44 years, and JetBlue appears to grow with a purpose in mind; it’s a well-thought-out business model that provides the stability needed for job growth with longevity. I’m happy to see for the younger techs that they will have a future with stability while working for a great company that offers a great deal of job potential.

9. What message do you feel is important that crewmembers and customers receive from you/your team? I feel it’s important for customers to know we are a team of professionals providing the safest and most reliable product possible to the line. A reliable aircraft for a morning launch provides an on time performance value throughout the day helping the bottom line.

10. Anything else you’d like to add. I would like to publicly thank my wife and family who have supported me over my tenure as an aircraft mechanic. Working nights, missing holidays and family events, my wife has held it all together over the years and made it work. We are a team that keeps on giving. I would like to thank JetBlue Leadership for allowing me to grow beyond my expectations. To Boston Tech Ops, it has been my pleasure getting to know and work with such a cooperative and dedicated team. I appreciate all the efforts and understanding you display as we grow. Tech Ops Management, Archie, Rob and Doug, thank you for your support and patience making the tough job look easy. My tenure at  JetBlue has been one of my career highlights; I thank you for the opportunity and support you have given me.