MCO Crewmembers adopt a family in Orlando


A very generous group of Crewmembers at MCO recently adopted a family of twelve in Orlando. The single mother with eleven children was very surprised to be met with gifts for her and all of her children.

Last Christmas, the family could only afford to purchase gifts for two of the children. They were excited to be able to share clothing, games, bicycles, toys, as well as a new TV and DVD player with all of the children this year. Crewmembers also donated to the family a Christmas tree with all the trimmings!

In addition, the station provided a $150.00 gift card to be used for groceries and the MCO Fun Committee threw in some Walmart Gift cards. “I feel very proud of my fellow Crewmembers who went above and beyond to make a less fortunate family enjoy the spirit of Christmas,” said Bethsi E. Guerrero, MCO Crewmember that wears many hats, including CSS Trainer, Community Relations Liaison, and Jetblue University Liaison. “The real magic of Christmas is helping others.”