Max and Erin Enjoy a (Jet)Blue Wedding


Several months ago, we received a note from a lovely couple, Max and Erin, wanting to share their high-flying love story. Max and Erin first met one another other on JetBlue Flight 171 from New York’s JFK to Sacramento, CA on Aug. 17, 2007.

Four years later, they found themselves in the throes of planning their wedding for 125 people in California in November 2011, in Santa Cruz, California. Because they met on JetBlue and love travel, they planned a flight motif for the wedding, with boarding-pass-style invitations, an airplane-cabin-style seating chart where guests can locate their tables for the reception, and in-flight-style gift bags that will be placed at each guest’s place.

The couple relayed how appreciative they are to have met via JetBlue (and for the middle seat being empty between them on that August night), and asked if we had any JetBlue items that they could use the better to properly carry out their wedding theme.

We put our heads together and sent the couple some JetBlue swag, including our signature Terra Blue Chips, that they could share with their wedding guests to celebrate their most special occasion.

Nearly five years after Max and Erin’s fortuitous flight, they try to fly the same red-eye route each year on their anniversary (and also since Erin’s eldest niece has a birthday party at that time each year).

We wish the happy couple many fruitful years of flying JetBlue (and beyond) together!