Man arrested for trying to smuggle 18 monkeys in his clothing!


A Mexican citizen was stopped in Mexico City International Airport after arriving from Lima because of suspicious behavior (and quite possibly because of a bulge in his clothing). Upon further inspection it was discovered that he was hiding 18 monkeys in a girdle under his shirt!

He claimed he had placed the monkeys on his body so that they would not be injured going through the x-ray machine, though it seems the monkeys were being trafficked and not smuggled in as his personal pets. Two of the little guys perished on the trip.

We could make lots of jokes and puns on this story about how monkeying around is no laughing matter and such, but smuggling animals is a serious crime. Not only are folks that smuggle animals hurting innocent living beings, but they’re also messing with the ecosystems that they remove the animals from as well as the ones they bring them into.