Making Travel Possible For Families Affected By Autism


We’re pleased to announce our next “Wings For Autism” event. For the past three years, our Boston crewmembers have volunteered their time to introduce the possibility of travel to children with autism spectrum disorders.

Autism now affects one in 88 children. Taking a family vacation with a child with autism can be stressful and for many families it is often an impossible dream. Anxiety, long lines, loud noises and unfamiliarity all come into play when navigating through the airport. “Wings For Autism” not only allows families to practice the boarding process, but the program also provides families with the time, resources and compassion for their children to become more comfortable with this new experience.  We work closely with The Charles River Center to train crewmembers to meet both the anticipated as well as unexpected needs of families traveling with a child with special needs.

“Wings For Autism” experiential field trips allow families to get familiar with air travel in a realistic, yet relaxed setting. The trips include:

  • Trained JetBlue crewmembers providing assistance throughout the process
  • The use of a stationary JetBlue aircraft for families to practice the boarding process
  • Time for families to become familiar with a plane’s interior
  • The opportunity to meet the pilots and inflight crewmembers
  • Family activities, unlimited JetBlue snacks, and more

The Boston “Wings For Autism” program will take place on Sat. April 6 from 9am to 1 pm. Families interested in participating, should visit

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