Making Strides: One Hand At a Time


Our crewmembers in Ponce, Puerto Rico (PSE) have been “lending a hand” in their Making Strides efforts to benefit breast cancer awareness. They hosted the Print for HOPE event, which invited fellow crewmembers to dip their hands in pink paint and leave a printed impression on posters. Participants donated $5 per print and all proceeds went to the American Cancer Society.

Not only did every JetBlue crewmember get involved in the event, but so did other employees at the airport including car rental companies; Puerto Rico Port Authority; US Department of Agriculture; TSA employees; and other airlines. The event was a success and PSE’s goal was surpassed!

During the printing party, one cancer survivor who was traveling through became emotional over the event and expressed gratitude to all of the crewmembers who showed support for this inspiring cause. We asked her to do a print for free so crewmembers can remember her appreciation of their efforts.

The “handy” posters will be donated to the American Cancer Society for display at their Ponce office.