Love connection in Chicago made possible by AYCJ


As told by an AYCJetter in his own words:

JetBlue’s All You Can Jet made possible 30 days full of adventure, but one love connection has been the most incredible.

The date: 9/15/2010. The time: 2am, 15 hours before my flight to San Francisco. The setting: Chicago Getaway Hostel.

Throughout the previous day, we went to the same Chicago attractions, only at different times. We missed each other at Navy Pier’s Ferris wheel, Chicago Architecture boat tour, Millennium Park, and the hostel. We finally met at the Second City comedy club for the “The Best Absolute Time of Your Life” show, but were assigned to opposite ends.

She is from Mexico City, traveling here for the week, having won a lotto ticket bought on her birthday. On that day for her, unfortunately, everything went south, from traffic jams to celebrations that did not occur.

When I began my All-You-Can-Jet adventure, my plans were to jet from city to city, spending a day or two each, including to Chicago for 9/12 only. However on the first day 9/7, my family convinced me to alter the itinerary to stay longer per city. Chicago made the cut because my mother and little sister previously enjoyed their stay.

After the show, I sought her out, hoping she did not leave between the main show and the improvised revue. She was still there. We were joined by two others from the hostel and agreed to take the Clark-22 bus ride back. Our conversation came easy. Our experiences from the day matched. Back at the hostel, our connection deepened as we told stories of our upbringing, friends, and more. I flirted and she flirted back. Hours passed by. Then reality struck: my flight to San Francisco would be leaving in exactly 15 hours.

To experience such a deep connection might happen once every few years. To leave would mean I would forever regret this missed connection. To stay would mean changing the bulk of my plans, again. My mind raced from thought to thought, starting with, “should I kiss her? Would she accept? What kind of kiss? Where will I stay? Where will we go? Can I change my flights? How much time do I have left to ponder?”

I felt time slipping away, the night turning into day. After twenty minutes of back and forth, the time had arrived.

I kissed her. She accepted.

Ursula and I spent the next four days going to some of the best Chicago has to offer – Sears Tower Skydeck, Cloud Gate (Bean), M Henry restaurant, Hot Chocolate, Giordano’s Pizzeria, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago and more.

Though we both thought about leaving the Chicago love connection as perfect, our connection has remained.

She gave me Spanish lessons. I gave her Chinese lessons.
Nos veremos de nuevo. 盼望再相会。We will see each other again.

Best absolute time of my life – for sure.

Michael Sun

P.S. Now that my AYCJ 2010 has completed and am now well rested, I would like to thank JetBlue to allow me to have so many amazing experiences. I owe much gratitude to the people of JetBlue for their warmth and flexibility when plans changed.

P.P.S. I will see her again on November 12th in Mexico City for 4 more days.