Little touches: Plugs everywhere


As I mentioned earlier, T5 is full of well thought out, subtle features that will make traveling a more pleasant experience. They’re the kinds of things you don’t notice until you actually use the terminal; touring T5 on Sept. 22, I was too overwhelmed by the larger spectacle to notice something like electrical outlets.

Today, with the T5 Blogging Crew taking over a section of the grandstand with its heaps of cameras and electronics, the abundance of outlets is evident and much appreciated. And we’re only using four of the nine laptops set up on this platform right now.

On my way back from a coffee run (you’d better believe I’m getting properly caffeinated following a 2:30 a.m. wake-up), I noticed that the steps leading to the top of the grandstand include plugs as well. So even if the tables are all taken, Jetters can still have a seat on a step and charge their laptop before the flight — perfect for checking some email before taking off without worrying about sucking up too much battery power to watch a movie en route. Of course, in the event of a dead laptop there’s always JetBlue Features.

The big grandstand we’re on has at least 37 plugs (Justin counted) and the smaller one nearby appears to have about the same amount.

Jetting means not having to hunt for a place to plug in.