Last remaining purchasable All You Can Jet Passes for auction on eBay!


Attention all Jetters! All You Can Jet passes (#AYCJ) for unlimited travel are now open for bidding on eBay. The auction begins at 9 a.m. ET today and will run through 9 a.m. ET on Thursday, Aug. 26, with all proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society. Passes are only available through the charity auction online at

One pair each of AYCJ-7 and AYCJ-5 and one single AYCJ-7 pass are up for bid. Each pair of passes will include Hertz rental car gift certificates and resort accommodations at a select Caribbean island destination. Winners will be notified after each respective auction closes.

Why All You Can Jet is so awesome:

We like smart Customers (especially the ones that were quick enough to jump on the now sold-out All You Can Jet Pass). And we like to be honest and offer deals that are beneficial to our Customers. We also like that this year’s All You Can Jet Pass sold out in 60 hours and that our average daily TrueBlue enrollment went up a modest 920%.

You pay $699 for unlimited air travel during from September 6 through October 7. All fees are included less taxes on international travel (which we’d gladly waive if they weren’t government-imposed). There is no fine print that limits your travel. We don’t make you sit on the floor or forgo a snack or anything like that.

If you book an All You Can Jet Pass, you’ll enjoy the same benefits as any other valued Customer. You can book your ticket on any available seat on any open flight of your choosing – and you can do it all online. A 100-seat plane, for instance, that has 50 seats already booked, means that there are 50 seats available that you can book using your All You Can Jet Pass.

One of the biggest advantages of the pass is that it allows you to take a “spur of the moment” trip. For example, if you wanted to fly from JFK to LAX and booked three days before departure, you could expect to pay at LEAST $386 ($396.70 including taxes).  Since taxes are covered under an AYCJ purchase, if you take this one trip, you are already recouping 80% the cost of an AYCJ-5 pass.  If there happens to be just a few seats left on the flight, the fare from JFK to LAX is around $654 ($664.7 with tax).  If you need to conduct business in LAX and secure a seat on this flight, you can almost recoup the entire cost of an AYCJ-7 pass with this one flight.

Last quarter, our average one-way fare was $139 dollars before taxes. That means that after an average of just two roundtrips, your All You Can Jet Pass is already worth it!

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