LANSE plays in The Bahamas


JetAdventure Day 2

brunch1A brunch fit for a kid met us this morning as the JetAdventurers gathered in the Great Hall of Waters.  Frankie Jonas and Sol Kerzner of Atlantis pulled back the curtain to reveal our friend L.A.N.S.E. hanging out with the fishes in the Ruins Lagoon!

After our incredible brunch (and even more incredible desserts – we dessertwere led on a parade by some equally excited Bahamian kids to the AKA Atlantis Kids Adventure – an incredible play space featuring cutting edge technology and bursting with surprises to power the kids’ imaginations.  Of course all the kids played for hours… well, all except for those kids who ran off with their parents to find more keys on the LEGO Atlantis Scavenger Hunt!

After a great dinner at Seagrapes, there was even more to see and do as the kids tested their creative side at Earth and Fire Pottery Studio and Atlantis Pals.  It left me wondering, is there anything that can’t be seen or done at Atlantis?