LANSE lands in The Bahamas


JetAdventure Day 1


I kissed a 32 year-old mother of three today.  Thankfully, I won’t get into any trouble with my own spouse, as the mother in question was Jackie, one of the bottle nose dolphins at Atlantis Paradise Island in The Bahamas! This JetAdventure trip is proving to be an amazing adventure, indeed!

A lucky plane filled with parents, kids, and other guests departed JFK’s famed “T5” bright and early with assorted fun and games on board. We were jetting south to some sun and fun to experience the Grand Opening of the Atlantis Kids Adventures with the hosts of JetAdventure, JetBlue, Atlantis Paradise Island, and LEGO. IMG_3755On board, LEGO Master builder Erik Varszegi introduced everyone to the gentleman in row 25, L.A.N.S.E. the LEGO Navigational SCUBA Explorer, a five-foot-tall LEGO man and soon-to-be new fixture at the Atlantis Kids Adventure.  Erik also filled us in on a 1,500-tile mosaic that’s being built over the weekend and set everyone to work constructing the LEGO tiles, part of the first key in the weekend-long LEGO Atlantis Scavenger Hunt.  Can you imagine, nearly 500 tiles were complete before the plane landed at Lyden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, Bahamas!

On the ground, the JetAdventure group wasted no time hopping over to Atlantis Paradise Island and suiting up for a close encounter of the aquatic kind.  The bottle nose dolphins of Dolphin Coy at Atlantis wanted to meet us, and the kids couldn’t wait, either!  The guides and trainers at Dolphin Coy were amazing at teaching the kids about the dolphins and the dolphins were like the best pets we could never take home with us.

After the Dolphin encounter we relaxed nearby with a pizza and ice-cream party hosted by the one and only Frankie Jonas.  Some more LEGO building contests and a tour of The Dig, and we were all ready for a good night’s sleep.