L.A. cyclists out-pace JetBlue "Carmageddon" flight


One of the biggest stories to come out of “Carmageddon” – the much-hyped closure this weekend of the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles – turned out to be less about gridlock on city streets and more about the Wolfpack Hustle’s challenge to race our Burbank to Long Beach flight (we weren’t racing them – safety comes first!).

For those who might have missed the headlines: To help Angelenos get from Point A to Point B, on Saturday we scheduled two roundtrips between Burbank and Long Beach – our shortest-ever scheduled flights.

Wolfpack Hustle announced on Twitter that they could bike more quickly than we could fly. And they did, by a hair!

The cyclists averaged nearly 25 miles per hour on the 38-mile route — but were given a 75-minute head start to account for check-in and security screening time that one would normally face at Burbank Airport. Flight 405, once airborne, took 12 minutes to cross L.A.’s tangle of freeways and touch down in Long Beach.

But as a CNN reporter onboard Flight 405 from Burbank to Long Beach mentioned in the network’s coverage of the results, the folks on JetBlue were probably having more fun with gift bags, goodies, and CAKE.

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