Keeping your luggage safe


Image courtesy of sun dazed on Flickr

It’s fair to say that once your luggage has been checked it remains under the safe watch of the airline in which you are traveling. It travels through its own security checkpoint and then under the belly of the plane. There is a window of time, however, when your bag is on the luggage carousel after your flight but before you’ve arrived (which doesn’t happen often, but if you make a detour after your flight to say, grab a smoke or a bite or something it’s all the more likely). In the event that this happens, your luggage is more vulnerable than you might like.

Gadling offers five tips on how to keep your luggage safe. While most of the tips are obvious- pick your luggage up off the carousel soonest, make sure to keep your luggage tag for tracking purposes, etc.- it’s easy to forget that these small measures can help ensure that our luggage makes it home with you.