All You Can Surf

Searching for a surf break without the crowds? How about the strongest coffee before an early morning session? We picked the brains of surfers from five cities who are experts on their local surfing scenes. Check out all the tips and insider advice these Localeurs shared with us in the links below.

Meet Our Localeurs

New York with Alexandra


Hey there, I’m Alexandra Uzik. I’m a surf and portrait photographer, journalist, traveler and aquaholic! Though I grew up in the landlocked country in the heart of Europe, I’ve always been an island gal at heart.

    Waves in New York vary a lot, but the winter is always chilly — hoodie, booties and gloves required! Some days are good for longboards and beginners, other days are overhead sets, barrels and conditions suitable only for pros. Check the forecast because the currents can be strong.


    Breakfast at Rockaway Beach Bakery (@rockawaybeachbakery) means great handmade pastries and sandwiches before a session.

    Alexandra in Rockaway Beach

    To rent a board, you can visit a couple of great local surf shops open year-round, both with friendly and helpful staff. Breakwater Surf Co. (@breakwatersurf) is located by the Beach 67th Street Station.

Southern Florida with Brad


Hey everyone, I’m Brad. I’m a Miami local and founder of @thankyousurfing, a widely used Miami website dedicated to surfing forecasting, travel and community.  

    Florida’s Treasure Coast has a reputation for sinking countless vessels since the Spanish first sailed offshore. Today, surfers can find some of the coast’s best surf when conditions align — especially on a big Nor’easter!


    Located between Cocoa Beach and West Palm Beach, check out Fort Pierce State Park for one of Florida’s most consistent surf spots.


    After a session at Fort Pierce State Park, head over to Sharky’s for fish dip and a cold one!

The Bay Area with Brennan


Hi, I’m Brennan. I grew up in Maui but now live in San Francisco. Working predominantly with 35mm and 120mm film, I enjoy capturing timeless landscapes as well as the vibrant, youthful happenings that surround me.  

    Wherever you go, most spots around the Bay work best at dropping high tide. Try for the morning hours when winds are still calm.


    Trouble Coffee (@troublecoffeeco) is a small spot with a big attitude. It’s a must for a presurf coffee and toast before hitting the road. 


    For the more experienced surfer, Ocean Beach in San Francisco is a must in the early morning. Checking the whole beach can take a little extra time but it often pays off with an uncrowded and fun peak. Just be careful: the currents can be extremely strong.

San Diego with Evan


Hello! I’m Evan. I’m a filmmaker and photographer from San Diego. I began surfing at age 10 and have been hooked ever since. It fuels my creativity.  

    The temperatures can drop significantly at night and in the early morning during the shoulder seasons. Most of the time, it’s boardshort and bikini weather, but some mornings or evenings require a thin wetsuit top or a rash guard. It isn't until early October that I usually start wearing my wetsuit.


    Summer is the ideal time to visit if you prefer warm water, smaller waves and all-day beach days. Winter is more conducive for surfers with experience in bigger waves who don’t mind braving the colder waters in a wetsuit.


    One of the most user-friendly beaches for travelers and people looking to take lessons in San Diego is La Jolla Shores.

Oregon Coast with Jen


Hey all, I’m Jen. I’ve been traveling the globe for the past 10 years, writing, producing and exploring for passion and profession. But my happy place is along the Pacific Northwest.

    The friendliest surf destination on the Oregon Coast is located at Oswald West State Park. It's the most fun to play in the waves during the summer months while enjoying sunny days lounging on the beach.


    On the North Coast, Cleanline Surf (@cleanlinesurf) has friendly staff and two easy-access locations in Cannon Beach and Seaside. Also, Seaside Surf Shop (@seasidesurf) is a long-standing surf shop located in Seaside with board rentals and local intel.


    The Oregon Coast has energetic waves, powerful riptides, and don't expect it to be warm! Bring your wetsuit and enter with caution no matter where you are. Experienced surfers can expect to catch steep rides into shallow beach breaks.