JetBlue Previews FREE Live TV on its Entire Fleet (for the last 12 years)


Disclaimer: TV included. (Stomach for romantic comedies not included.)

In a bold move towards keeping customers entertained, JetBlue Airways today announced that it’s offering all customers 36 channels of free TV and 100 channels of free SiriusXM radio at every seatback on its entire fleet of 175 aircraft. The airline that loves to keep customers happy announced that TV has actually been in existence since 1949 and the airline with a love for high-flying television viewing has offered free onboard entertainment for the past 12 years, a stunning feat for an airline that’s only 12 years old.

JetBlue is excited to give its customers what they have already been enjoying, free and unlimited access to their favorite TV shows, live news, and exciting sports coverage. What’s more, the airline with the mission to “bring humanity back to air travel” offers delicious, free snacks on all its flights, including the quintessential TV-viewing accoutrement, PopCorners Popcorn Chips. Go ahead, have another. Free of charge!

With easy-to-use remote controls at every seat, television viewing is literally right at your fingertips. Volume controls allows customers to adjust their televisions to the perfect pitch for maximum viewing pleasure, and a nifty on-screen menu allows for easy channel surfing through the dozens of viewing choices.

Check out the full, free TV lineup here