JetBlue on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!


We mentioned some time ago that “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” came to Salt Lake City, Utah to film an episode and some of our crewmembers got involved. The air date came at long last and the episode featuring the Gomez Family and JetBlue SSC Crewmembers played on Sunday, October 2 at 7 p.m. on ABC.

A few months ago, the show surprised the Gomez Family of South Jordan, Utah. Jonah Gomez, the family’s young son suffers from blood disorders which have caused him to undergo open-heart surgery. In need of a bone marrow match, Jonah is of Latin descent and statistically, fewer minorities join the National Marrow Donor Program. The community has been a strong support network for the family, as they work to spread awareness about the importance of bone marrow donors, while keeping their son’s spirits up.

Part of this community is our crewmember Jennifer who works for our Customer Support Center in Salt Lake City. Jennifer coordinated volunteer efforts and worked with JetBlue to provide a Getaways vacation to Disneyland – the Gomez family’s destination while “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” swooped in to build them a brand new home.

For seven days,  our crewmembers generously donated their time to help the show’s crew build a home for Jonah and his family. Crucial to the operation was the ample amount of Terra Blue chips to keep the builders’ energy up! Our crewmembers were also on hand at the Real Salt Lake soccer game back in June to recruit bone marrow donors. Fans had the opportunity to get swabbed at seven major league soccer games across the nation in the hopes of finding a match for Jonah.

For more information on becoming a bone marrow donor, please check out

If you missed the show be sure to catch it online!