JetBlue On Bloomberg's "Inside JetBlue" Series All-Day Today!


Bloomberg TV recently produced an in-depth feature for its “Inside JetBlue” series to showcase the history and culture of JetBlue and the inner workings of our operation!

The segments that will be airing include the challenges of the airline industry: How does JetBlue keep customers happy and stay competitive in a business with so many uncontrollables?; a financial overview of JetBlue’s revenues and costs compared to competitors; JetBlue “By the Numbers,” a fun piece that highlights some of our key offerings like the number of snacks we serve onboard, the number of daily flights, how many cities we fly to, and more.

One really interesting segment will follow the news anchor on her journey as a customer while simultaneously showing what goes on behind-the-scenes in system operations, airports and flight and inflight. We had a lot of fun working with the team at Bloomberg and are excited to watch the final product!

The segments air all day today on Bloomberg TV starting at 7 a.m.

Be sure to tune in!