JetBlue Jr., Ready for Takeoff

JetBlue Jr.

Our commitment to keeping you entertained and informed is nonstop, even when you’re not flying with us. 

And let’s be honest — some of you can probably use some “inflight entertainment” for your little ones right now. You know what they say, time flies when you’re learning new things.

Introducing JetBlue Jr., an educational video series for kids ages 7-10 with bite-sized courses on everything from vocabulary to physics.

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Lesson 1: Speaking Planely

Time to elevate your aviation vocabulary! Join First Officer Sanaz for a review of some of the most important words you need to know in the air—from the parts of a plane, to the different phases of a flight.

Test your new vocabulary with our activity sheet here.

Activity Sheet Answer Key:

Activity 1 (Clockwise, from top left corner): Tailfin, Wing, Flight Deck, Engine, Cargo Hold
Activity 2: 1. Taxis, Runway; 2. Tiller; 3. Climb, Altitude; 4. Knots; 5. Radar; 6. Control Stick, Yoke; 7. Throttle; 8. Headwind; 9. Tailwind; 10. Descent

Lesson 2: How Planes Stay Fly

We can give you a wingtip or two about how planes fly. Join Captain Samer for a high-speed physics course that’s equal parts paper-airplane-making and aeronautics.

Learn how to fold some new styles of paper planes with our activity sheets here.

Activity Sheet Answer Key:

Activity 1 (Clockwise, from top): Lift, Thrust, Gravity, Drag
Activity 2: 1. Gravity, 2. Drag, 3. Lift, 4. Thrust

Lesson 3: The Way to Find Your Way

Never Eat Soggy Waffles. In this lesson, you’ll learn what that means—beyond being good breakfast advice. Join Captain Luis for a lesson in knowing where you’re going, on the ground or in the air.

Test your newfound knowledge with this navigation activity sheet here.

Activity Sheet Answer Key:

Activity 1 (Clockwise, from top): North, East, South, West
Activity 2: 1. Atlantic, 2. North, 3. South, 4. Canada, 5. East, 6. West; Bonus question: Answers will vary. Example: If I live in Florida, and my dream destination is New York, I have to travel north.

Lesson 4: Lean, Mean, Simple Machines

Can you name the six machines that help make airports run? Hint: they’re a lot less complicated than you might think. In this lesson, General Manager Anthony elevates our understanding of simple machines.

Kids—level up your knowledge of levers and more with this simple machine activity sheet here.

Activity Sheet Answer Key:

Activity 1: 1. Inclined Plane, 2. Lever, 3. Wheel & axle, 4. Pulley, 5. Wedge, 6. Screw
Activity 2: 1. Seesaw, 2. Garage door, 3. Door knob, 4. Rolling pin, 5. Fork, knife, and spoon, 6. Ramp

Lesson 5: Get Your Head in the Clouds

Have you ever wondered how you can create weather inside your own home? If so, this lesson should be on your radar. Join Captain Shelley for a lesson on the water cycle.

Water-you waiting for? Grab your supplies and download your activity sheet here.

Activity Sheet Answer Key:

Activity 1: 1. Evaporation, 2. Condensation, 3. Precipitation, 4. Collection
Activity 2: 1. Radar, Airport Weather Reports, Fly-Fi; 2. Cumulonimbus; 3. Yes; 4. “Clear and a Million”
Activity 3: Answers will vary slightly. 1. Nimbus clouds look like storm clouds and are grey instead of white. 2. Cumulus clouds are the big, puffy clouds that look like a “pile” of clouds. 3. Stratus clouds look like a big, thick blanket that covers the sky. 4. Cirrus clouds are thin and wispy, a little like a stretched-out cotton ball. 5. Cumulonimbus clouds are the biggest, fluffiest clouds and can contain thunderstorms and hail.