JetBlue iPhone App: Version 1.1 Now Available!


This week we deployed version 1.1 of our iPhone app into Apple’s iTunes App Store. While the app has been receiving rave reviews, there were was some feedback taken into consideration in order to deliver the highest quality product. Based on comments from the Apple Store’s reviews, and thoughts from our crewmembers, some issues were identified—and solved!

By working with our development partner Double Encore, the digital refresh team smoothed out any bugs and made some performance enhancements. Here are some issues that were addressed:

  • Remedies to crashes on app startup and booking flow
  • Solutions to check-in issues
  • Updates to My Trips, DirecTV schedule, and Fun Stuff
  • Improved overall response time
  • Enhanced inflight features for offline usage

Software improvements will be an ongoing process to ensure that the app stays the strongest in the industry!

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