JetBlue in the news: Does the All You Can Jet Pass fill you up?


The New York Times Frugal Traveler Blog recently caught up with some of our All You Can Jet Customers to get their thoughts on the pass and the experiences they enjoyed while crisscrossing our network. Read their great stories online!

“Endless layovers at Kennedy Airport in New York, the main JetBlue hub, proved no obstacle. Unlimited junk food, an inalienable JetBlue right (mmm, Doritos Munchies mix) only spurred travelers on to greater saving, replacing calories they would have had to pay for in their destination. And constantly looking for lodging and entertainment at JetBlue destinations only underscored something that JetBlue’s marketing people may have realized long ago: this sort of extended open-ended trip is the perfect way to travel for our times.”