JetBlue historic flight Carmaggedon 405 cookie


The 405 freeway construction may be completed but the “Carmageddon” fun keeps on coming! One of our customers from our $4 or $5 “Carmageddon” flights between Burbank and Long Beach this past weekend decided not to gobble up our specially-made 405 cookies that we gave out. He instead put it on sale on eBay to the someone out there who wants to make the sweet treat a keepsake.

You can’t make this shtick up!

In his own words:

Passengers on the flight were treated to exceptional ( if not rather short) service and an all-around good time. Cookies with the 405 Interstate logo we offered in a bag of goodies for the lucky passengers. I’m on a low-carb diet, so I figured this would make a fellow airplane enthusiast happy.

Also, I need to get my $9 back.

I recommend freezing the thing.