JetBlue goes back to school


Image courtesy of skinnylawyer on Flickr

Over the summer, our Commercial (or marketing) team partnered with Columbia University to give 52 MBA students a challenging assignment: how to keep the JetBlue product fresh for the next decade. After hearing a presentation on our history, growth, culture and Customer Experience, the students had a few weeks to generate innovative ideas and craft presentations.

Crewmembers of the Commercial team listened to presentations and judged on overall originality and whether their idea warranted any further exploration by JetBlue. The Commercial team reports that the Columbia partnership was a worthwhile experience and a great way to get a fresh perspective from the eyes of the consumer; ideas ranged from pre-flight initiatives — both inside and outside the airport — to enhancing the onboard experience.

According to Columbia, it was one of the best experiences the course has offered in years and the students learned a lot!