JetBlue featured in "Greatest Movie Ever Sold" at Sundance


Sundance, the largest independent film festival in America, is going on this week in Utah and JetBlue is front and center of all the action.

We’re one of the brands featured in “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” the latest work by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock of “Super Size Me” fame. The film takes a critical but humorous look at the world of advertising and product placements — and in no small hint of irony, was financed entirely by product placements for companies like ours.

“As it turns out, Spurlock makes these risk-takers look smart and rather unstuffy in their willingness to go along with an unconventional, artistic concept that aims to expose the crass commercialism of many companies,” the Los Angeles Times remarked.

The film will continue screening this week in Ogden and Salt Lake City and is expected to be released nationwide this spring.