JetBlue Crewmember Throws Red Sox Ceremonial First Pitch


As an official sponsor of the Boston Red Sox, the ceremonial first pitch on Sunday, September 18 was reserved for one lucky JetBlue crewmember that hailed from one of our New England airports – BOS, PWM, BDL or BTV! We asked these local crewmembers to submit a brief essay on why they should represent JetBlue on the mound. First Officer Brian was the big winner and we spoke with him about his once-in-a-lifetime experience at Fenway.

After growing up a Red Sox fan, Brian said the experience was a thrill. The first game he ever attended was in 1975 and since then, he’s been to many more including game 7 of the 2007 pennant – which they won! This deep-rooted history with the Red Sox contributed to Brian’s special day, but having his son Kyle there with him, along with his wife and daughter, made the experience even more important.

Kyle turned 11 on the day his dad threw the ceremonial first pitch and was able to stand beside him on the mound. When introducing Brian to the crowd, the announcer also noted that it was Kyle’s birthday and the entire stadium cheered loudly for him! As father and son were walking off the field with the ceremonial first pitch ball in hand, one of the umpires called Kyle over, spoke with him for a few minutes and sent him back to seat with the game ball – the one that would have been used to start the first inning! Needless to say, the 11-year-old thought that was pretty awesome. Brian also reported that Kyle got Red Sox coach Terry Francona’s autograph!