JetBlue boldly goes where no donut has gone before


Not too long ago, in a small building found in Queens, we were destined for greatness. We struggled to create Dunkin’ Donuts’ Next Donut – and it wasn’t just a good donut. No, it was a really really good donut. Light, fluffy and delicious, like us. Well we aren’t exactly light, or fluffy. But we think were pretty delic…ious.

Anyway… it was blue. A good blue. Not just any kind of blue but the kind of blue that stands out in a crowd… full of donuts. A PMS 280 blue. Yeah that’s it… It was a GOOD kinda blue. We had sprinkles but not just any sprinkles – sprinkles that weren’t afraid to get around – the donut – in the right spots. We had filling – blue filling of course – Filling that was just right. We had the best cooks from all over the company. And of course we brought in our creative and brand teams to assure that our donut didn’t look like the rest. And it didn’t. It was visually appealing. Bold and recognizable.

It was tested, tried and true. We had it. We had the most perfectly sweet, perfectly shaped, perfectly blue, perfectly perfect JetBlue donut. But then, the unthinkable, the unimaginable happened. Our legal team came in with the Create Dunkin’s Next Donut contest rules and announced – we weren’t eligible!


So here we are, in the final days of voting, wishing that we could have been amongst the lucky dozen. I guess we should throw a vote in. Well, good luck donut connoisseurs!

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