Jet for your pet


PetAirways, an airline, “where your pet travels in the main cabin, NOT in the cargo,” just added a new flight to Fort Lauderdale, making it the company’s 8th purrfect destination. A green pawprint marks the company’s logo and they refer to their customers as “pawsengers.” PetAirways flies 19-seat turbo-prop planes, with the seats taken out! They strap your pets down in their carrying cases and promise a pleasant experience for your pooch.

Unclear, though, is the link on their site to “Book Human Flights,” for where, precisely, do the humans sit? Or perhaps it is our turn to be in the cargo bin?

While we’re on the topic, JetBlue is proud to offer JetPaws, a robust guide for traveling with your pet. Download our handy guidebook and learn all about our services, including earning miles when your pet travels!