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Inspiring Humanity

Service is its own reward, but awards are nice, too. We’re humbled to be ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Low-Cost Carriers in North America” by J.D. Power 12 years in a row*! To our customers and 18,500+ crewmembers across our network, we truly couldn’t have done it without you.

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As we honor No. 12 today, we look back at last year’s customer service achievements and celebrations through one of our crewmember’s eyes. JFK Airports Operations Crewmember Nicoletta Bumbac spent several months traveling with the award as our J.D. Power 11 tour ambassador. She visited 92 cities over the course of 114 days to meet the crewmembers who truly embody the spirit of the award.


What did it mean to you to be selected as our official J.D. tour ambassador?
It was a HUGE honor! We hold our title of “highest customer satisfaction” to the utmost regard, and this is achieved by showing compassion through the services we provide. To be able to share this award across our network of 18,500+ crewmember is the ultimate dream job.

What were your duties as the tour ambassador?
I was given the seemingly insurmountable task of bringing the award to every one of our ‘Blue Cities’. Each station celebrated in their own way. Some crewmembers baked cakes; others introduced the award to local flavors and customs emblematic of their Blue City. The idea was not to keep the award tucked away on a shelf in an executive’s office, but to bring the award to life in the hands of the crewmembers who worked so hard to help us achieve this distinct honor.

What surprised you most about our crewmembers?
I was surprised by how inviting and welcoming all our crewmembers were. I’ve cultivated so many friendships with crewmembers who I continue to interact with post-tour. During my first week on tour, I visited Boston. I assumed there’d be some friendly tension being that I am a Mets fan from Queens in Red Sox territory. But our entire BOS crew was so warm and inviting. I even left with some unexpected parting gifts that day: a tech ops maintenance technician gifted me his brand-new cap. An airport ops supervisor shared some delicious, local buttercrunch toffee chocolate with me, and I even got a Patriots lanyard! It’s these little things combined with genuine warmth that mean so much.

What are your thoughts on JetBlue receiving the J.D. Power award for 12 years in a row?
I won’t lie, I became quite emotional when I found out. I know how much this means for our company. Our crewmembers work so hard to provide the best service despite adversities in the travel industry. While I was on tour, I would say things like, “If we get J.D. 12….” and crewmembers would say, “You mean when we get J.D. Power 12!” I certainly didn’t want to jinx it, but deep down I knew we were capable of achieving No. 12.

What are the ‘little things’ our crewmembers do that inspire you?
There are too many to count. I came across an inflight crewmember who writes thank you cards to his customers, and then I met a pilot who flies around the country to give inspirational talks to students, including in his hometown, St. Lucia. I donated Sweet Cases with Aruba crewmembers to a local orphanage and read books (in Spanish!) to kids in Quito. Our crewmembers give back not only to our customers and one another, but also to their communities. Everything we do is an exercise in inspiring humanity.

*JetBlue received the highest numerical score in the J.D. Power 2005-2016 North America Airline Satisfaction Studies. 2016 study based on 10,348 total responses, evaluating 4 low-cost carriers, and measures the experiences and perceptions of passengers who were surveyed between April 2015 and March 2016. Your experiences may vary.  Visit