It's A Sign! New Long Island City Sign Approved


3-2-1 liftoff! The New York City Council has approved a measure allowing us to place our big blue logo on the roof of our Long Island City Support Center. We’re excited to move forward with next steps and the creation of the sign that will adorn our new home.

What will the structure look like?

The project was a creative collaboration between JetBlue and a few design and construction agencies. Just like the other iconic signs that pepper Long Island City (e.g. Silvercup, Pepsi Cola), our version will be designed in the same vein, with individually cut letters mounted on an open-frame structure. Each letter will be shaped from a steel structure and possess an acrylic face—similar to a light box. The sign will be illuminated at night by sustainable LED light strips, and will appear white for all to see in LIC and from Manhattan’s east side. During the day, it will be blue…naturally!

The revised zoning law allows for a sign no greater than 45’ high off the roof and 150’ wide. Our sign is 41’ by 75’ (“J” is the tallest letter at 25’ 4”!). Serving as an accessory to a historic building, the placement and size of our structure complement the Brewster Building’s architecture.

The sign is currently beginning construction, and we anticipate it will be installed this fall. Stay tuned!

Learn more about our new digs in Long Island City, Queens