Irene Makes Her Way North


Beauty is not always in the eye of the beholder. Hurricane Irene is ugly no matter who you ask.

Irene is expected to hit our base of operations in New York late on Saturday and cause a ruckus into Sunday night. Winds are estimated to be severe, with flash flooding, surges, and all that fun stuff. We’ve cancelled 100% of our operations out of the New York area beginning at noon today when New York City’s public transportation system begins its shutdown.

We’re working to reposition close to 50 aircraft in our fleet to outside of the main areas of impact to places like California and Florida, which should help to minimize the recovery time when the hurricane finally takes a hint and gets out of town. Even when Irene has decided to move on out, we could still be looking at flooded runways and roadways, which complicate the recovery efforts. We’ll be working closely with the local airport authorities to ensure the quickest possible return to operations. It’s like an unwanted inconsiderate house guest. You didn’t make the mess, but you still have to clean it up.

Due to high call volumes, wait times and dropped calls have been understandably frustrating. We’ve got all of our Crewmembers working overtime to accommodate those calls, but we’re anticipating record call volumes. We do appreciate your patience and ask that you check your flight status on as well as your email for any notices about cancellations or automatic rebooking that may have come into your inbox before calling us.

What’s up with your flight in sunny California, you ask? Why is your flight delayed when there isn’t a cloud in the sky? With our base of operations out of New York’s JFK, it’s possible that your flight departing from San Francisco originated in New York. And if we can’t get that plane out to San Francisco, your flight might be affected. Enjoy a mojito in Malibu and just be glad you’re not in a hurricane. We promise we’ll get you where you need to go as soon as we can.

In the meantime, please remember to check the status of your flight before heading to the airport (no matter what BlueCity you might be in).

Stay safe and see below for some resources to help keep you prepared and informed: