Investing in renewable jet fuel


Climate change is a thing. And so is renewable jet fuel.

Think about this: since the Wright brothers, planes have been running on fossil fuel. That’s 100 years of using energy that comes from dead organisms. Just as “fossil” implies, this form of fuel is in need of a refresh.

As an airline, it’s no secret that our largest impact is emissions. Yesterday, we made a big step towards our future and the future of our industry by announcing one of the largest renewable jet fuel purchase agreements in aviation history. We entered into a 10-year partnership with SG Preston, a bioenergy company, to buy renewable jet fuel produced from biological resources, like plant material, which can rapidly be replenished.

Compared to traditional petroleum-based Jet-A fuel, renewable jet fuel will help us significantly reduce our environmental impact. With SG Preston, we’re creating renewable jet fuel that has the ability to benefit our bottom line and lower CO2 emissions up 50% or more per gallon before its blended with Jet-A fuel.

While renewable jet fuel cannot eliminate our emissions. This is just one additional step among many we’re taking towards a lower-carbon future.

At JetBlue, we believe in communicating transparently about climate change. To ensure our future, we are to taking steps like investing in renewable jet fuel to address our greenhouse gases emissions. While we already empower and inspire our customers and crewmembers to offset the emissions from their flights, we are constantly looking for other ways to become more fuel efficient. For more on JetBlue’s work to reduce emissions, visit